What is MoxieReader?

MoxieReader transforms Independent Reading through inspiration, research rigor, and data
  • Digital intelligence for your classroom print library
  • Independent reading tracker for class and home
  • Personalized guide to finding the just right book
“My students feel empowered using MoxieReader because it is so independent, and they can do it on their own.”
— Katy, 3rd grade teacher

How can MoxieReader help?


Acts like a fitness tracker for students’ reading

  • Provides teachers with insight into student reading habits
  • Creates individualized reading plans
  • Logs reading history, progress, and stats
  • Built to fit in with current classroom practice


"I'm looking at 221 books logged and over 14,000 pages just in the last couple of weeks...it's pretty awesome.” - Charles, 4th grade teacher


Helps students find their “just right book”

  • Guides students to books based on reading level and interests
  • Adapts recommendations by looking at student reading history
  • Encourages breadth as well as volume of reading


“It’s like a virtual trip to the library!” - Wendy, 4th & 5th Grade Special Ed teacher


Uses analytics and digital intelligence to motivate readers

  • Motivates students to read more with in-app incentives
  • Encourages students through a positive team community
  • Provides clear goals for the number of books a student needs to read to gain proficiency




"MoxieReader gives information that no previous application/program delivers: (a) means for students’ book choices to be recorded over their school careers, (b) guidance to book choices that match students’ reading levels and interests, and (c) goals for the number of books students need to read to move to the next level of reading proficiency."

— Elfrieda (Freddy) H. Hiebert, President, TextProject.org

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